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November 30th, 2014


Dear friends, fans and followers,


First...we apologize that we have to use this method to make such an announcement, but it's the best way to reach out to everyone. There is never a good time to announce that a member of the band is leaving, it's a difficult choice. But in my case, please accept my decision. I've been struggling for more than a year and a half with vocal issues, and have been advised twice by doctors to stop singing because of nodules on my vocal chords. It's past time that I listen and take their advice seriously. Every weekend is a struggle. I worry about whether I'll get through one gig, let alone two or sometimes three in the summer. It is in my best interest that I start putting my health concerns first, take care of myself, and bow out.


As of January 1st, the guys will still need your always, very loyal support in welcoming their new band-family member. You all are the best, like we always say, and right now is a time that the guys will need your support more than ever. I contacted the very talented, Jordan Hokaj myself to take my place. Some of you have already met her when we invited her to sing with us this past summer. And most of you know her as the lucky girl who sang with Keith Urban this past summer after winning the radio contest. I have all the faith in the world that Jordan will be perfect for this position and she's been working really hard at learning all the band's material. I ask of you to please, open up your hearts and arms to her as I have.


Thank you, and much love to you all.


-Holly Marie

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